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Why The Jamie Leigh Jones Verdict Isn’t A Surprise

Posted in Editorials on July 13th, 2011

A few weeks ago, I simply posted a link to a story about the beginning of the lawsuit Jamie Leigh Jones filed against KBR-Haliburton. Since then, people have come here searching for “jamie leigh jones pics” and “jamie leigh jones sexual partners.” The defense decided to dig up information on her past, which could explain the search terms. But they way rape victims are sexualized (i.e. Lara Logan) might have played a role as well.

Last week, a jury found that Jones was not raped. It’s not surprising. Few rape cases end in a conviction even in a criminal trial. I had thought that the damage done to her pectoral capsule, genitals and anus would be enough to convince anyone that she had not had consensual sex, but it’s unclear what the jury was allowed to hear, and KBR has done a good job of muddying the water. One of the most powerful corporations in the world used popular narratives about women being liars to avoid liability. Considering the number of American soldiers they have killed through negligence, the fact that they gave our troops dirty water to drink, and the allegations that they participate in human trafficking, it is a deep and cruel irony for KBR to question the credibility of anyone.

Jessica P at Care2 has a lot to say about they way the sexism inherent in our culture is still obvious from this verdict.

It’s hard to write about something so disturbing, with a faceless, amorphous, villain right out of central casting. By my count, they imprisoned a rape victim, electrocuted our soldiers to death, serve troops disgusting muddy brown water and are modern day slave mongers – almost too evil to be real, as if from a children’s story. The good news is that the number of rapes is at an all time low. The attitudes of some people make it difficult to convict rapists, but collectively we are doing something right with preventing the crime to begin with.

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4 Responses to “Why The Jamie Leigh Jones Verdict Isn’t A Surprise”

  1. Jessica Linger Says:

    The jury did see the “damage” that was done. Because she had surgery to remove genital warts right before going to Iraq, her female area was redened. Jones committed a great fraud on society and KBR. KBR may not be a perfect company, but they sure treated her well. She has lived off of them for the last six years. She should have to go to jail for lying before Congress. She is one sick puppy and everyone fell for her story because it sounded good and KBR was not popular due to the war. If the jury had seen all there was to see about Jones, they would have been even more pissed than they obviously were.

  2. MissCherryPi Says:

    her female area was redened[sic].

    She didn’t testify that it was “reddened.” Her account is that when she awoke, she was covered in blood. And if it was really no big deal, why did KBR confiscate the photos of her body in the rape kit and never return them? That the photos never resurfaced is why the jury could not see what was done to her.

    Jones committed a great fraud on society and KBR.

    Citation needed.

    Just because a person is acquitted doesn’t mean they did not commit the crime – it means that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it. (Ever heard of Casey Anthony? O J Simpson?) That KBR tampered with the evidence is the real fraud.

    KBR may not be a perfect company

    They electrocute innocent people to death through negligence.

    She has lived off of them for the last six years.

    Can you cite a source please? They did everything in their power, even swayed THIRTY UNITED STATES SENATORS to vote for them so that they did not have to face her in court.

    She should have to go to jail for lying before Congress.

    There is no evidence that she lied, just that eight men and three women do not believe her.

    If the jury had seen all there was to see about Jones, they would have been even more pissed than they obviously were.

    As far as I know, none of the jurors have made a public statement. Would you care to back that up, or is it just more hyperbole?

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  4. Heather Says:

    I think that the fact that the rape kit was missing is a serious problem. You are right that the jury had to what they could with the evidence. But I question the diagnosis of the doctor. How long did he exam her? 30 minutes? Unless he spent months evaluating her his testimony is garbage. Shrinks claim that the psychiatry is more of an art than a science and they tend to practice it as such. Also, if she had any drugs in her system then she was able to consent to having sex. Sounds like there is more coverup here. But the reality is that KBR tampered with evidence. And they go away with it. So there is a different standard of justice for women then men. That is the reality. Boys will be boys, but a girl is a slut until proven otherwise and if she can’t prove otherwise then she is branded. The reality is that someone wanted to prove how tough he was. And KBR backed him until the end.

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