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Awesome Clubs Beer of the Month Club January 2012

Posted in Food and Drinks on January 17th, 2012

For Christmas this year, Adam’s parents gave us a three month subscription to Awesome Clubs Beer of the Month Club. (Best. In-Laws. Ever.)

This month featured selections from Fordham Brewing Company in Deleware and Boulder Beer in Colorado

Helles Lager by Fordham Brewing Company

Very light and crisp, the aroma was slightly bready and it was extremely drinkable – just a hint of bitterness. I would rate it as solidly average. No frills, but there was nothing objectionable about it either.

Copperhead Ale by Fordham Brewing Company

This beer was outstanding. A delightful copper color, medium bodied and with a rich caramel and nut flavor. A real treat.

Never Summer Ale by Boulder Beer

Very good, and not what I was expecting from a winter seasonal. It tasted like a brown ale; dark and slightly nutty with just a hint of caramel. Good for savoring on a cold night out at the pub or in with friends.

Planet Porter by Boulder Beer

I enjoy a good porter now and then and this one was solid. Pleasantly dark with a hint of coffee. Full bodied, but not so heavy you will be nursing it all night.

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