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5 Activities for the Summer

Posted in Links, Personal Essays on May 29th, 2012

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer, and the preferred time of year to take off some days for vacation, either for travel or just relaxation.

Now, of course, if you’re like me, the recession really has not “ended” for you, and you’re broke. Maybe you’re not broke, but just hate extravagance. If you’re not broke, and love extravagance, you’re probably a GOP bundler, and are confused as to why this site discusses OWS without links to McDonald’s applications. Just type “World News Daily” in your little search engine box and you should be fine.

So, let’s list some cheap things to do this summer.

1. Visit The Library. When I was a boy, my Mother would drop me off at the library most days of the week during the summer, and it was the best thing she could have done for me. It’s a place full of books and magazines with air conditioning. All it’s missing is a well-stocked bar.

2. Visit your nearest national park, and enjoy our national heritage before the Koch brothers buy it all up. .

3. Campaign for your Congressional candidate. It’s an election year, remember? Walking is great exercise, just be sure you have a sturdy pair of shoes. You can even canvass in a Tri-Corn hat, if you have one.

4. Visit a local museum. Just like your local library, no matter how bored you are, you cannot deny it… you love climate control. I live in New York State, and in NYC, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloisters are free, with merely a “recommended donation”.

5. Go see The Avengers. I know that costs money. I don’t care.

(Edited to make more sense, links are included in comment below because I am bad at the computing -Justin)

3 Responses to “5 Activities for the Summer”

  1. MissCherryPi Says:

    The Long Island Press put out an extremely comprehensive Summer Guide.

    And I think you are on to something for libraries that serve alcohol. A lot of museums hold parties with drinks at night. First Fridays at the Guggenheim are always packed with an exclusive club type atmosphere (although no one is turned away if you wait long enough!). There’s also jazz shows at the Planetarium, which is more low key – a mixed aged crowed (included some families with kids when I went.) I have been meaning to check out The Secret Science Club at the Bell House in Brooklyn.

  2. Justin Says:

    Thank you for the links!

    Evidently, I botched something, there were supposed to be links to IMDB, telling people to watch the avengers, and a link to the NPS website.

  3. Justin Says:

    I have no idea what I did wrong, the links just won’t go, so I’ll just put them here.


    The National Park Services Link.


    The Avengers on IMDB, with links for movie times. Everyone needs to see it.

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