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Trinity Brewhouse, Providence RI

Posted in Food and Drinks on June 13th, 2012

While in Providence, we had a chance to visit Trinity Brewhouse. Both times we ate there, the place was packed with convention goers, so I don’t know what the atmosphere is like on a typical night in Providence, but I did have a good time. Their seafood bisque is divine, and I mean that even by New England standards! We also enjoyed their french fries and sandwiches on homemade focaccia bread. The service was good and we appreciated that there was a lot of outdoor seating. Indoors, you could see the actual brewery, albeit behind a glass covered in bumper stickers:

Their beer list is simple, but has something for everyone.

I had the Hefeweizen (beer on the right in the above picture) which was a phenomenal pint of banana bread heaven, and the Saison, which was also very good and a nice compliment to my meal. Adam had the Kolsch (beer on the left, above), and Sir Perrys Pear Cider which he enjoyed as well.

If I am ever in Providence again I will definitely be heading back to Trinity Brewhouse, to check out the basement bar, try the Russian Imperial Stout I just did not have the time to savor, and to chat with the locals. Check it out if you are ever in town!

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