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And I still think I can blog

Posted in Links, Site News on August 26th, 2012

My second post for Feministing’s “So You Think You Can Blog” contest is up. “Thank You, Johnson & Johnson!

So, I Think I Can Blog

Posted in Site News on August 21st, 2012

Feministing is holding a contest this week called “So You Think You Can Blog?” The winner will become their next main page contributor. Check out my first entry, “So What If Mindy Meyer Is Kidding?” If you’d like to leave a comment, please do so at Feministing.

Congressman Ackerman Responds on the Environment

Posted in Editorials on August 14th, 2012

Congressman Gary Ackerman sent me the following response to my letter about the End Polluter Welfare Act, and/or possibly The Safe Chemicals Act.

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for strong environmental standards and federal environmental protection and conservation programs. I believe that our natural environment is one of our nation’s greatest treasures, and it is imperative that we reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to safeguarding its future.

While our country has made significant gains in cutting back pollution point sources, many of our lakes, rivers and streams still fail to meet our drinking water, recreation, or wildlife needs. It is unacceptable that, over 30 years after the passage of the Clean Water Act, so many of our nation’s waters remain contaminated. I am committed to maintaining and strengthening the Clean Water Act and building on its record of success in improving environmentally-sound planning and regulation. In my view, more needs to be done to maintain the progress achieved to date and to address remaining water safety and quality concerns.

I would also note that, over the past 35 years, the Clean Air Act has produced some significant environmental gains. This law has greatly reduced the amount of air pollution around the country, resulting in substantial improvements to our air quality. But the Clean Air Act alone is not enough. As the body of evidence continues to grow that human activity has significantly contributed to global climate change, the United States must adopt limitations on carbon emissions so that our environment will be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. I am proud to have consistently supported so-called “carbon capping” legislation throughout my tenure in Congress, such as the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and I will continue to support any measure that seriously addresses the root causes of climate change.

Of course, we must also address America’s reliance on fossil fuels. An obvious place to begin is by investing more in programs that will promote energy efficiency and conservation. Renewable energy sources are essential for protecting our environment as well as ensuring our nation’s energy security. I believe that energy production and environmental protection do not have to be competing priorities. I support an energy plan that has a balanced approach, one that helps consumers now, boosts production of energy from alternative sources, stresses conservation, and protects the environment. As part of this goal, I am proud to support legislation that encourages the use of cleaner fuels and helps to facilitate a switch to cleaner forms of energy.

In addition to fighting to reduce pollution, I have also been a strong supporter of the protection and the preservation of our nation’s wilderness. Many of our nation’s old-growth forests provide vital habitats for rare and endangered species. They also constitute the last vestiges of an ever-diminishing national treasure. That is why I support legislative efforts that would codify the Roadless Rule to help protect our last wild forests. By preserving these areas, we can ensure that these pristine forests provide sources of public drinking water, undisturbed habitats for fish and wildlife, and barriers against invasive plant and animal species.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my views with you on this very important topic. Please be assured that I will continue my support for environmental protection initiatives throughout the 112th Congress.

I will give him points for content even if it’s not specifically related to the legislation I asked about, particularly because he’s retiring at the end of the year. Especially in comparison to Senator Gillibrand, who (accidentally?) sent me a letter about her views on gun control “in response to your recent communication.”