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Donald Trump’s Butler Is A Sexist Clown

Posted in Editorials on March 15th, 2016

Today the New York Times ran a profile of Anthony Senecal, Donald Trump’s personal butler at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. It’s clearly a puff piece and I’m sure every word was vetted by the Trump campaign. What’s telling is that he thinks this makes him look good. Among the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” minutiae and Senecal’s secrets for pumping Trump’s ego we get a clear picture of the misogynist assistant behind the presidential candidate. Compare his descriptions of Trump’s father and ex-wife.

He recalled how Mr. Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump, once stepped out of his limo on the club’s gravel driveway and remarked to Mr. Senecal, “Somebody better get that coin.” The butler went on his hands and knees and after a few minutes found a crusty penny.
“His eyes were incredible,” Mr. Senecal said of Fred Trump. “Mr. Trump has the same eyes.”


Mr. Senecal adored the Trump children, but found Ivana, Mr. Trump’s first wife, an especially demanding presence. She would instruct him to “get that spot out of that rug” and then do it herself if he failed. She would occasionally tell Mr. Senecal to have the gardeners go inside because she wanted to swim naked in the pool.

To recap – getting down on your hands and knees in gravel to search for a penny – “incredible.” Wanting a clean rug and privacy in your own home – “especially demanding.” Got it.

Then there was this charming tidbit:

In the interview, he offered a profane description for Mrs. Clinton, the front-runner in the Democratic presidential race.

I’m assuming he meant a cunt? The NYT isn’t so squeamish they wouldn’t print the word “bitch” is it?

I didn’t even mention the part about how Senecal used his term as mayor of a town in West Virginia to harass, criminalize and humiliate homeless people. It’s no wonder Trump has kept him on staff for so long.

So, do you remember in 2004 when the NYT did a similar piece about how John Kerry’s limo driver made him peanut butter sandwiches? And everyone lost their mind? When is that happening? Any minute now?

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