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2021 Link Roundup

Posted in Editorials on December 31st, 2021

Here we are – another year older and hopefully wiser and vaccinated. I’m continuting my year end tradition of a wrap up post.

Stories You Might Have Missed

‘Magic dirt’: How the internet fueled, and defeated, the pandemic’s weirdest MLM

Who’s Making All Those Scam Calls?

How Twitter can ruin a life

Larry David ‘screamed’ at Alan Dershowitz at grocery store over Trump ties

I’m a Parkland Shooting Survivor. QAnon Convinced My Dad It Was All a Hoax.

The Fisherwomen, Chevron, and the Leaking Pipe

The Star Trek Communist Hopes Star Trek Can Inspire A Real Revolution

The Great (FAKE) Child-Sex-Trafficking Epidemic

Some Videos You Should Watch

Best moments of Olympic Spirit from the Tokyo Games

Richard Spencer gets owned by fake Patriot Show

We Proved Royal Experts Lie About Harry and Meghan

Tumblr’s FAKEST Story: The Tale of Oppa Homeless Style

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars

Some Pop Culture Recommendations

Video Games

Pikmin Bloom – a walking app that has gotten me moving even when the weather is terrible.

Growbot – new game about robots in a garden under attack on an abandoned space station. The art is exquisite and combined with the relaxing soundtrack and challenging puzzle games make this just a joy to play.


Masters of the Universe Revelation on Netflix – Kevin Smith created a real treat here, especially for 70’s and 80’s babies and I wouldn’t have checked it out if misogynists hadn’t lost their minds over it on the internet. Engagting story, beautiful animation and Mark Hamill is hilarious as Skeletor.

If you like Doctor Who but haven’t caught up on Fluxx, I highly recommend it. It’s not like anything they’ve done before (even if it might seem like you’re about to be Moffatted.) There’s a million story lines and I won’t spoil them except to say they do resolve satisfactorily and I loved it.

Hitmen Season 2 – Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins return as, well Hitmen in this hilarious show avilable on Peacock in the USA. To be honest I thought season one was somewhat better, but both are worth a watch.


Haven’t seen many current films this year, but I can recommend The Suicide Squad and Renon 911!: The Hunt for QAnon. Let me know what you think if you’ve seen them. 😉


You can see all the books I’ve read this year and my ratings here.

I have to recommend “Truth of The Divine” by Lindsay Ellis, the second book in her Noumena series. It’s an alternate history about ailens landing on earth during the mid ’00s and the havoc that is wrecks on their interpreter, the early 20’s estranged daughter of a Julian Assange like figure. The first book (Axiom’s End) is a fun sci-fi adventure book and the second absolutley destroyed me. It’s a good story but I am also amazed at how deeply it made me feel.

Also highly recommended is the graphic novel “The Secret to Super-Human Strength” by Alison Bechdel. This book is often marketed as “one woman’s lifelong journey with fitness” but it is so much more than that. It’s a deeply spiritual book that looks at the mind/body connection from both a pratical and philosophical level.

Previous Year End Posts

Feminist Coffee Hour Episode 70: Jaslin Kaur and Taxi Worker Victory

Posted in Editorials, Podcast Episodes on December 2nd, 2021

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Elizabeth welcomed Jaslin Kaur back to the show to talk about the Taxi Workers Alliance hunger strike and victory, NYC politics and organizing for the future.


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