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They Don’t Even Want Consensus

Posted in Editorials on March 25th, 2013

The March 16 episode of Both Sides Now featured Ron Reagan Jr. and Torie Clarke. The two were discussing Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination. Both agreed that it was grand standing, and that the President should be more transparent about the drone program.

Mark Green the host said “Consensus Alert!” To which Clarke responded, “Don’t you hate that? You just hate that as the host of the show.”

“No, we love it!” said Green.

“We actually live for those moments,” Reagan replied.

The topic was quickly changed, but I think the exchange was telling. Clarke’s mocking question was followed up with Reagan and Green’s enthusiastic reassurance. This is an almost perfect metaphor for the gridlock in the American government right now. Republicans don’t care about governing and Democrats are begging for table scraps of common ground.

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  1. Frank Lee Says:

    “Stop Al Sharpton. Sharpton cannot be given the keys to City Hall. Tomorrow, New Yorkers across the city will be voting for their next mayor. Please go to the polls tomorrow and vote against Freddy Ferrer and Al Sharpton. We all know Al Sharpton is behind the Ferrer campaign. We believe Ferrer and Sharpton will divide our city.”
    -Mark Green campaign robocall

    “Fernando Ferrer. Borderline irresponsible. Higher taxes. A divided city. Can we afford to take a chance?”
    -Mark Green campaign ad

    “The only candidate that will look out for our interests.”
    -Mark Green campaign poster distributed in white neighborhoods

    “Do you want this man to be our next mayor?”
    -Mark Green campaign poster featuring a photo of Ferrer and Sharpton

    The Mark Green campaign distributed copies of this cartoon: http://tinyurl.com/bu6tpnr

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