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Governor Cuomo Thinks That Corruption Is The Same As Adultery

Posted in Editorials on October 9th, 2014

Although I praised Governor Cuomo for enacting an affirmative consent standard on SUNY campuses, it’s not as if that one great policy can heal all ills. In an interview with the New York Times about his new book, the governor was asked:

You write that the Albany press loves to foment scandal. Do you think recent scrutiny over your handling of the Moreland anticorruption commission is an example of that?

He answered:

There’s no doubt. But that’s what sells newspapers — negative sells, sex sells, scandal sells, it always did.

Andrew Cuomo thinks that preventing his own administration from being investigated for corruption is the same thing as if the press had taken a prurient interest in his sex life. The possibility that he or someone in his administration might be indicted for obstruction of justice or witness tampering is just negativity, man. Chill out! They’d be mad if I fucked an intern so I might as well screw the whole state, lulz.

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