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The Red Pill is an appeal to force

Posted in Editorials on October 16th, 2015

I have become fond of saying that antifeminism is an appeal to force. Many of the arguments that antifeminists make come down to the idea that because men are physically stronger than women that makes them somehow better people or smarter than women. They assign moral value to men’s size and strength. Red Pilers particular are fond of this argument.

Some examples:

This is why “marital rape” used to not be a thing. So that if women misbehaved men could discipline them. It’s also why “domestic abuse” used to not be a thing. Women are children. They need to be treated as such. You can’t talk to them like an adult and expect them to understand the concepts of understanding a partners needs, making compromises, and making sacrifices for her partner. If you try sitting her down and explaining these things, she feels abused, and we all know feels > reals.

The secret to a happy marriage is literally beating and raping your wife.

Realistically, the shit-show known as feminism would be solved if all men decided unanimously to rise up and take back power. Men are physically stronger than women on average. Men have a wider IQ distribution. The greatest innovators, physicists, doctors, builders, and businessmen have been men, not women. That should tell you something. Society worked well when women tended to the kitchen, respected their man, and knew that if they acted like a bitch they would be treated as such. If men all got up one day and decided to break the laws, enact mass rape, start beating women who deserved it, you would see women’s behavior change drastically. Suddenly they would stop getting drunk at frat parties, because they understood what would happen. If policemen flipped women off when they reported crimes, women would very clearly get the message that no man cares about them.

Men should organize and subdue women with violence.

I wonder if there’s a single person writing on “toxic masculinity”, in the entire history of academia or related thinkers, who could out deadlift a certified alpha

Unless you can deadlift more than a “certified alpha” you can’t critizize masculinity. Physical strength is the same as being good as social sciences.

Men are born to use physical strength and their rational minds to navigate life, and women are born with the tools of manipulation and dishonesty to make weak-minded men do their bidding for them. Society puts men at a disadvantage by banning the use of half our natural arsenal, and our rational minds clearly are not advantageous in gender dynamics.

It’s not fair to men that our society has rejected violence as a means of solving problems!

“We need women in this country to be afraid again. They used domestic violence laws to take away our power and place it firmly in their hands.”

If women are not afraid of physical violence from men, men are at a disadvantage.


Men have the ability to control women with force and violence. Women should always remember that.

For all of their bluster about how men are more logical and reasonable than women Red Pillers fall victim to a classic logical fallacy. An appeal to force is not an argument, it’s just a threat of violence. Should violence be how we decide what is true in science and mathematics as well as gender relations?

What is astounding about this argument is that some men seem to think that is new and original. I have said this previously, but women do not ever forget that they are smaller and weaker than men. This does not mean that they are right, however. We do not choose leaders via boxing matches and human beings as a whole are getting less violent over time. This is why The Red Pill is a reactionary movement. It seeks to put us back into a more primitive and violent time. Antifeminists are so fond of reminding women how many great accomplishments in art, science and technology were achieved by men. However in openly rhapsodizing about a time when men could beat and rape women with impunity and even social approval, they are seeking to go back to a time before those accomplishments existed.

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Anti-feminism is an appeal to force.

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  1. Lucy Says:

    Where are the sources for all of these quotes?

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    They’re all links. Click on the quotations to go to the sources.

  3. Ciswhitemaelstrom Says:

    All feminists are pussies. They can’t lift because they don’t pump any testosterone because they’re all women, especially the men. Feminists try to prevent men from lifting because if men became real men then they’d know not to be little feminist bitch boys. Instead they write theory about how you’re not entitled to sex so that boys can rationalize their lack of success.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Clearly the steroids are making you emotional.

  5. Tralala Says:

    Cis, you need a new hobby.

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