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Feminist Coffee Hour Episode Two – “Malala vs Kylie?”

Posted in Podcast Episodes on October 29th, 2015

Episode two – Malala vs Kylie?

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Discussed in this episode:

Congressman Bob Brady Steals Pope Francis’ Water, Brags About It

Rev. Morrill addresses ‘Black Lives Matter’

Malala vs Kylie?

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One Response to “Feminist Coffee Hour Episode Two – “Malala vs Kylie?””

  1. Lacy Lou Says:

    Hi, just listened to all recent episodes of Feminist Coffee Hour and while I definitely agree that the viral post made comparing Malala to Kylie Jenner is unfair and demonstrates how physical beauty is always somehow inherently important in determining female success, I can’t agree that Kylie is innocent. I believe it was stated that since Kylie bought her own Ferrari and pays for her own plastic surgery, then it’s fine for her to do those things. That implies that as long as any person is paying for a product or service, no criticism can be applied. I don’t really care about the Ferrari, but I do care about her plastic surgery from two angles: 1) Kylie has observed that she was always self conscious about her lips and this change made her happy. This perfectly encapsulates the problems faced by young girls today and I feel badly that Kylie was under such pressure as a young woman, that she felt as though she needed to make a physical change to be happy. As though an exterior change will somehow make a change on the interior (our feelings about ourselves, our happiness, etc). 2) She is doing nothing to help women who live in a society that tells them “if you have an ugly (insert body part here), we value you less.” And of course, society tends to do this more with woman than with men although both genders are under this type of scrutiny in different ways. I don’t think the podcast sought to commend Kylie for choosing to undergo plastic surgery, but they definitely were not critical enough. I do agree that the comparison between Malala and Kylie are unfair considering that one’s job is a humanitarian and the other’s is a model, but it still down’t cleanse Kylie from making poor decisions that affect her female following – most of which are just young girls. I will add though, that Kylie has made some efforts to make posts about her follower’s who submit their stories about being bullied – sometimes due to deformity, disease, or other physical “blemishes.” I have always found that ironic considering she has paid exorbitant amounts of money to change any part of her appearance that is less than perfect, but many of the people she posts about aren’t able to do the same (they have sometimes been horrifically burned or injured in battle, etc). That doesn’t feel quite right to me.

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