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Feminist Coffee Hour Podcast Episode Nine: Clinton vs Sanders

Posted in Podcast Episodes on March 24th, 2016

Episode Nine: Clinton vs Sanders

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Discussed in this episode:

Are feminists obligated to vote for Hillary Clinton? Is Bernie Sanders a feminist? What are the strongest cases for and against each candidate from a feminist point of view?

Is Juanita Broaddrick Telling the Truth?

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

The Men Who Hate Hillary


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3 Responses to “Feminist Coffee Hour Podcast Episode Nine: Clinton vs Sanders”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I misspoke when I said I didn’t see the link between Environmentalism and income inequality. Environmental racism is a huge problem and poor people will bear the brunt of climate change. I still want to see Bernie Sanders make that argument.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I enjoy your cast but you missed HISTORY. If you had you would have discussed, deliberated etc.

    She had a roll in WAtergate. during this time, women were more active in politics, took brave strides. Women brought attention to it and when everyone was afraid to attempt to end it, the women in DC took the first steps to end. Hillary Clinton was on the staff of these ladies who had courage to bring to light and to put it down.

  3. Ari Says:

    You guys are my favorite feminist podcast – I’ve been listening to you on my morning run everyday now (catching up on previous episodes). Your FCH is the most satisfying feminist discussion/chat I have found out there – I would rather listen to you two banter than most of my friends on any feminist topic. I have learned so much already from your stances, insights, and discussions. Thank you so much for making this available. Huge fan.

    Here’s some info of me as one of your listeners: 27F, born/raised in the Middle East, located in Australia, born Muslim, became an atheist, in love with feminism, PhD student.

    Some topic suggestions – I would tune into anything you guys talk about but I thought I’d try my luck and throw these out there:

    1) Online Anti-feminists. I’ve been really curious about the raging anti-feminist sentiment online (Youtube, Reddit, every relevant comment section on any news/journalist website with any content touching upon any feminist concern – many websites have exhausted their efforts trying to moderate them so they have simply removed commenting altogether). It is hardcore – so much of it is pure misogyny. Is this causing damage feminism’s reach to young women curious about feminism today (a lot of it is outright propaganda disseminating misinformation – Dworkin misquoting is the least of it), the tie-in to “Women Against Feminism” campaign, etc. Is this comparable to the feminist backlash experienced in the early 20th century in the US against the 1st wavers success? Does it say anything that a significant portion of online anti-feminists are guys in their 20s rather than old farts? I would love to hear your thoughts, your comments, critiques, any encouragement you might have for feminists on the internet, etc.

    2) Real life anti-feminists. Have you met any? I have. They are without fail white, middle-class cis-males. Have you entered into debates with any of them? Impressions? Insights?

    3) When did you realize you were a feminist? How did it come about? Previous impressions of feminism compared to now?

    4) Donald Trump’s anti-PCness and misogyny – his voters, his endorsers, but particularly his voters – who are dominating much of the political discussion online (would be great if you could deconstruct their use of the word “cuck”). Are these the neo-reactionaries? What does their presence/significance mean for feminists?

    5) Deconstruction of rape apologists – those who rush to defend Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, James Deen, Jean-Paul Nungesser, etc. Wtf? Why do they feel the need to defend these guys – heart and soul?

    6) Third Wave Feminism…and Fourth Wave? Criticisms? Pros and cons? Etc?

    7) Karen please talk about shaving! It is a salient aspect of grooming for women, takes up our time and men are never expected to do it. As a woman I am tired of shaving for society – it is silly but society would find it horrific if I walked out of home baring my shin fuzz, I would be considered lazy and strange. And as a woman of color I am tired of my skin breaking out with ingrowns for having to shave. In fact a whole episode on female grooming in comparison to men would be great and how the “personal is political” ties in to it. I wish women would collectively stop shaving rather than stupid campaigns like “Free the Nipple”.

    8) Deconstruction of TERFs. Like…whyyyy are they so against trans women? It seems so overblown and misdirected. I mean, I understand the official “whys” (social construction of gender, “not a real woman”, bla bla) but it just seems so odd for any feminist to be knowingly piling on the stigma and marginalization of trans women. Wtf.

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