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Letter Writing Friday: NYSC Should be Embarassed

Posted in Editorials, Pictures on June 3rd, 2011

I’ve been going to NYSC since February of 2009, and I am generally satisfied. I consider myself to be in favor of a healthy lifestyle which includes lots of exercise. I am not in favor of shaming people about their bodies. So I filled out a customer satisfaction survey and included the following:

Currently, there is an advertisement in the window of the location I visit which says “Thought flu season was scary? Swimsuit season is here.”

I am at a loss for words as to why Town Sports Clubs thought that this was an appropriate advertisement. According to the CDC, since October 2010, 5,991 Americans have been hospitalized due to influenza and 105 children have died.

This is hardly comparable to a little embarrassment due to some love handles or cellulite on the beach.

I would appreciate a response as to the reasoning behind this advertisement. I am otherwise very satisfied with NYSC because I had found it to be a supportive environment to pursue my fitness goals until I saw that poster this week. I also am publishing this inquiry on my blog located at www.politicalflavors.com in hopes of drawing attention to this crass advertisement.

I look forward to their response.

2 Responses to “Letter Writing Friday: NYSC Should be Embarassed”

  1. Sam Says:

    Are you actually getting annoyed at that? That’s supposed to be taken as a joke and clearly you have no sense of humor. Relax and take a chill pill.

  2. MissCherryPi Says:

    Hi Sam, thanks for commenting.

    I don’t agree that just because something is “supposed to be taken as a joke” makes it ok. Shame and guilt are not good incentives to get people to adopt healthy habits. Lots of women I know won’t even go to the gym because they are afraid they don’t look good enough in their workout gear. This sign just reinforces that idea, and those women will stay at unhealthy levels of inactivity AND the gym won’t gain new clients. Everyone loses.

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