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Feminist Coffee Hour Episode 14: Clinton vs Trump

Posted in Podcast Episodes on November 3rd, 2016

Episode Fourteen Clinton vs Trump

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We weigh in on the general election.

We had some audio distortion on this episode. It comes and goes, our apologies.

Discussed in this episode:

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Ten children are dead after taking homeopathic teething remedy

The C-Word, But For Men


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One Response to “Feminist Coffee Hour Episode 14: Clinton vs Trump”

  1. Lacy Lou Says:

    Hey! Happy one year podcastiversary!
    On Trump body shaming –
    I agree with Karen that body shaming is inherently wrong. It is difficult to reconcile body shaming someone while also criticizing someone who body shames. However, Trump, who is here the receiver of shaming, has made some of the worst statements about women and other individuals from a position of power. He is able to spout this rhetoric on cable news programs, on stage at political rallies, and via twitter. I would normally be against body shaming, but in this sense, the population that is witnessing him use this verbiage is subverting his tactics and using it against him. We see this type of reaction all of the time in oppressed populations and it can be a very useful form of protest. Now, that opens the door to a very slippery slope of “tit for tat” style attacks and I realize ultimately that cannot be sustained. I only hope that these body shaming comments toward Trump, which mirrors his own behavior, will bring him to understand why body shaming is so damaging. But it’s Trump, so probably not…

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